Grupo Inmoglaciar participated in the “Residential development, actors for the new market” meeting

Industry experts have agreed on their optimistic outlook for the future of the sector

The real estate sector is an important sector for the economy, as was shown today in the “Residential development, actors for the new market” meeting organised by the Official Association of Civil Engineers.

This meeting is part of a series of real estate breakfasts organised by the “City, Territory and Culture” Technical Committee and was attended by experts from the sector who presented their vision of the evolution of the sector in recent years.

Madrid and Barcelona are the locomotive cities for the recovery of a sector that is slowly emerging within a more prudent market. According to Ignacio Moreno, Inmoglaciar’s CEO, the current situation of the land, demand cannot be met with the demand for housing because there is not enough surface area in the big capitals at competitive prices to enable the implementation of projects covering the need for 150,000 homes.

Emphasising the possibilities offered by Inmoglaciar when it comes to customising homes, Ignacio Moreno stressed that: “Now we are trying to adapt the project, for which a building permit has already been applied, to what the market demands. The customisation of developments presents considerable logistical problems, rather than costs.”

The price of the land

The increase in the price of land has also been the subject of debate because all the speakers agreed that this increase leads to a rise in construction prices with inevitable repercussions for the end buyer.

The event

The Official Association of Civil Engineers organised the event with the participation of experts in the sector. During the event, the attendees reviewed the situation of real estate, analysing the changes in the model of buying and selling homes and in the granting of mortgages.

The entire video of the meeting can be seen below.