Grupo Inmoglaciar

A leading real estate group, in close contact, modern and transparent experts, delivering guarantees and security.

Let us introduce ourselves: we are a real estate group with more than 35 years of experience developing projects in all areas: residential, commercial, tertiary and logistics.

Nuestra larga trayectoria nos convierte en expertos en el desarrollo de proyectos en todas las áreas del negocio inmobiliario

A great many things have happened over the years, but we have not ceased to grow. Anticipating to changes and adapting to them. Optimising resources. Analysing each operation and their risks in detail. We have been building relationships of trust and peace of mind over the years with people who have purchased a house or commercial premises with Inmoglaciar.

Thanks to our experience, management capacity and extraordinary team, we feel qualified to face any type of real estate project:

  • Management of urban land
  • Development of freehold and protected housing
  • Management and commercialisation of cooperatives
  • Development of shopping centres and facilities
  • Management of real estate assets owned by financial institutions
  • Management of property holdings
  • After-sales services

We are currently developing new homes in Madrid, Catalonia, Zaragoza and Granada. The figures speak for themselves: more than 2,000 homes in development and over the course of 2018, we will deliver more than 1,000 homes, and we have already delivered more than 400 homes in recent years.

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properties under construction
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